Our Team

Every year 40 to 60 top translators and interpreters, in the US and Japan, work on JTT projects. Here are some of the team:

G. Leslie is a full-time translator/project manager with JTT. He has been a professional translator for 15 years. He began his study of Japanese as a naval officer in Kyushu, Japan after completing a Master of Science from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He did post-graduate study at Nihon University in Tokyo to perfect his Japanese skills and then worked at Sony headquarters for several years, using “business Japanese” on a daily basis. Returning to the US, he held management positions with several high-tech companies, using his Japanese skills to further their entry into the challenging Japanese market. After leaving the corporate world, he became a professional translator. He holds a certification for Japanese to English translation and specializes in business, financial, technical and legal translations.

T.O., a native speaker of Japanese, is a free-lance translator who does English to Japanese patent translations. Because of his expertise in drafting patents in the precise format required by the Japanese Patent Office, he is particularly effective in translating the patent applications of US clients for official filing in Japan. He has an MS in physics from Hokkaido University and a PhD in chemistry from Ohio State. After working in industry, he has been a professional translator for over 10 years.

R.F. is one of our legal specialists. He holds an MA from Sophia University in Tokyo and a Juris Doctorate from Santa Clara University in California. He lived and worked in Japan for over 10 years, including a stint with the Tokyo affiliate of a major US law firm. He translates contracts and agreements as well as business documents. One of JTT’s regular projects is doing the official English translations of new Japanese laws for Japan’s Ministry of Justice; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; and other ministries. R.F. plays a key role in these projects, ensuring that JTT’s output utilizes the preferred terminology and structures for official laws.

Y.A is a native speaker of Japanese. She holds a BA from Kansai University of Foreign Studies in Osaka and an MA from San Francisco State University in Broadcast Communications Arts. She does interpreting in the San Francisco Bay Area and is skilled in “voice acting” (Japanese narration) for audio and video programs, including corporate communications and training. On the translation side, she is particularly gifted in converting English marketing materials into smart Japanese that makes the products and services of JTT’s clients attractive to Japanese customers.

The above are just a few examples of the competent and talented professionals that JTT utilizes. Because we specialize in Japanese and have come to know through experience each team member’s forte, we are able to match exactly the right translator to your project.