Law Firms

Translation and Interpreting for Law Firms

Litigation Support
We have played a key role in major US-Japan cases, resulting in settlements in the $100s of millions. We work closely with you to save money from initial document review to preparation of the final certified translations for submission as evidence. For example, we can use lower-level linguists for initial doc review and have the top people focus on translation and certification of key documents.

In most cities we can provide linquists to work on site when the client prefers. Alternatively we have experience with the major litigation support (e-discovery) software programs. These programs enable us to put the best translators in the country on a case, while still ensuring our law firm client perfect security.

Japanese to English Translation
We work with the top independent translators around the country and have access to specialists in every technical area--biotech, semiconductors, automotive, telecommunications, etc. Many have advanced degrees in technical fields and industry work-experience, as well as being bi-lingual. For legal documents, several of our team are retired attorneys.

English to Japanese Translation
For filing patent applications in Japan, many US in-house counsels hand the whole project to the law firm they use in Japan. The translation part of such work then becomes unnecessarily expensive because of the strength the Japanese yen and because of the additional markup the Japanese law firm adds to the translation work. We use the same caliber of translator as would be used in Japan--native speakers of Japanese, often PhDs in their specific field, and specialists in patent translation. Quality is often better than what can be obtained through the Japanese law firm and price is greatly reduced.

We can provide Japanese-English interpreters in most major cities in the US and Japan. We can supply fully-qualified deposition interpreters as well as "check interpreters."

Confidentiality and Security
We maintain strict confidentiality and our translators are used to signing "protective orders," etc. There is no charge for providing “translator certifications.”

Because of low overhead coupled with an extensive network of professionals, we can offer top-quality language services at very competitive rates.