Customer Relationships and Project Management

Customer Relationships
Since our establishment in 1988, we have built and maintained excellent customer relationships. We thoroughly understand US-Japan business and work closely with clients to understand their objectives and find ways of furthering those objectives through cost-effective translation solutions.

Project ManagementTeams
For every project, we designate a bi-lingual project manager whose responsibility is to accurately understand the customer's requirement, match the job to the JTT translator who has exactly the right technical or business background, develop an achievable schedule, monitor quality, and deliver a high-quality product on time.

Project Teams
We maintain a network of North America's top J > E and E > J translators, and we put together and coordinate large teams to handle major projects quickly and cost-effectively.

When a client’s schedule requires multiple translators to work on a large document, we set up glossaries and other tools to ensure consistency of terminology and style across all team members.

References are available on request.