Our Clients

Typical Clients Include:

International law firms
We provide a full range of Japanese language services, including:

  • Patent translations (for information or filing)
  • Litigation support—from initial document review of subpoenaed Japanese materials through final certified translations
  • Interpreting at depositions, meetings, etc.

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US firms expanding into Japan
For translation into Japanese, US firms often delegate this to their Japanese rep or subsidiary, but control can be lost and quality may deteriorate. We use native speakers of Japanese who thoroughly understand English and who work with the parent company here in the US to ensure that nothing is lost in translation. We handle brochures, manuals, proposals, contracts, etc.
Typical “into English” projects include:

  • Information from Japan for "market intelligence" including competitor brochures and websites, articles from the press, etc.
  • Re-translation into English of critical Japanese documents (license agreements, etc.) to verify the accuracy of the Japanese and avoid later disputes.
  • Customer feedback (As part of their CRM in Japan, some US companies have already set up on-line systems for gathering customer responses, which must be translated into English.)
  • Japanese patents

Japanese firms active in the US
We provide the cost-effective solution to translation. We relieve these firms of the burden of an internal translation dept. and we save their talented and busy Japanese staff from having to do translation work on top of their real jobs. Typical projects include:
Translating into English:

  • Manuals and training materials
  • Business plans and proposals
  • Parent company news of interest to the US subsidiary, motivational executive speeches, etc

Translating into Japanese:

  • "Market Intelligence" info from the US press (including websites)